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On YouTube, users can upload, view, rate, comment, add to favorites, share certain videos with friends. To increase the popularity of the channel, it is important to design it beautifully. Other viewers will see your profile picture when watching your videos and channels. The default icon for your channel is an image of your Google account. The image will be shown next to all the videos on your channel, and the pic is desirable that it represents its content.

Pick a photo that doesn’t violate YouTube’s terms of use. 

Do not use images containing photographs of:

  • famous people;
  • erotic elements;
  • copyrighted pictures.

For high-quality display of your photo, it is recommended to use a JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG file (do not use animated GIFs). The optimal pic size is 800 x 800 pixels. Resolution 98 x 98 px is suitable for the image in the form of a square or circle.

How to Change YouTube Profile Picture

Let’s see how to change the profile image using your device: desktop or laptop.

  1. Open a browser on your computer and go to
  2. Click your profile photo. It’s located in the upper right corner of the YouTube page or other Google services.How to make and change youtube profile picture
  3. Click “Your channel” in the settings list that appears.How to make and change youtube profile picture
  4. Click on the circle where the profile picture should be.
  5. Click EDIT. 
  6. Select the image stored on your computer that you want to use as the profile image and click “Upload Photo”. The service warns us that the publication of changes can last several minutes and sometimes several hours.How to make and change youtube profile pictureHow to make and change youtube profile pictureHow to make and change youtube profile picture

Soon you will be able to see changes in account on your computer.

YouTube Profile Picture Maker

A unique and interesting profile image will make your channel more clickable and attractive. Highlight your profile among many others. 

Let’s create youtube profile images in the free maker Placeit:

  1. Go to Placeit and click on the button “Create your YouTube profile picture”.
  2. Choose a theme for the picture and a suitable template. How to make and change youtube profile picture
  3. Change the background color, body text, and graphics on the template. Customize it for your product.How to make and change youtube profile picture
  4. After completing the work, save the finished logo with your design. Click on the “Save” icon. Create your account and your work will be saved.How to make and change youtube profile pictureHow to make and change youtube profile picture
  5. You will find your picture in Saved drafts.

How to Change YouTube Profile Picture on Phone (iPhone or Android)

Unfortunately, Google has complicated the process of changing the profile picture, leaving the only opportunity to do this only in the computer version of YouTube.  You cannot change the profile picture in the YouTube app on the iPhone or Android. But here is a way to do it on a smartphone.

  1. Open a browser and go to If the YouTube application is installed on the device, it will open automatically. You must uninstall the application at the time the changes are made. Then install this app again.How to make and change youtube profile picture
  2. After clicking on the account icon in the upper right corner, enter the account to which the channel is linked. 
  3. Click on the icon with three dots and select the Full version item in the menu that appears.
  4. Click on the default (or previously downloaded) avatar. A pencil appears in the corner of the avatar, click the icon again.
  5. In the window that appears, click Change.
  6. Select a new avatar from the downloaded images or tap the Upload photo button. After this action, the picture will load from your device or camera.

YouTube Profile Picture Downloader

The Channel Pic downloader allows you to upload a high-quality profile image of any channel or user. 

To take advantage of this application, you can perform a number of simple steps:

1.Copy the link of channel to the video from on your computer. On the smartphone in the youtube mobile app, use the “Share” button and then follow the “Copy link” action.

  1. Use the input field to insert the URL. After entering the address, click “Download”
  2. The system will automatically analyze the link you entered and display a high-resolution profile image.
  3. After successful extraction, save the photo on your device.

Cool YouTube Profile Pics

Make your YouTube channel visible and clickable. Choose colorful images with vibrant colors from the stock images. In this way, you can highlight your channel.

Check out the free high-resolution business photos on the website Unsplash and save them on your device. Look for the best image for your channel on the top services Allthefreestock, Sitebuilderreport. Find the best images related to YouTube on Pixabay and use in your projects related to the largest video hosting.

Put a beautiful picture and be a successful youtuber.

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