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As for any social media, it is critically important to have audience and friends on Snapchat. The thing is, this social media has its own target audience and it can become a  good way to increase sales and boost your presence in social media. 

Of course it has its own peculiarities and features one should be aware of, so keep reading, make notes and implement the knowledge. Below we have collected the most up to date advice’s for the ones who want to  use Snapchat account for marketing. 

Share Your Snapcode Everywhere

Share Your Snapcode

If you want to get more followers, you should make people see your account everywhere. It is true for any social media, but when we are talking about Snapchat it becomes critical. 

Below there are a couple of the options, some of which are not that obvious. They, however, can bring some extra followers as well as organic traffic. 

Friends. Tell all your friends about your account. Why not? It is a start, especially if your project budget is limited. This audience is loyal but in most cases will never be converted to sales, but at the beginning it is fine. The bigger your account becomes, the more people will invite their own friends and share the link.

Website. If you are a website owner, place a link in the banner. It is an easy way to get followers, especially if your website is a solid and reliable one with its own core audience. 

Blogpost. There are two options – to include the link into your own post on any blog platform or collaborate with some blogger and request the link to be included. 

Both ways work fine, but the second one is more expensive and efficient at the same time.

Email signature. Yes, it is not that obvious way to get more followers, but it should not be neglected. People send and receive tons of emails, so it is a working way to make the link to your account spread across the web. 

Merchandise. Another way to share the link with a lot of people. The disadvantage is that they are, most likely, not even close to your target audience and it means that the money might be simply wasted.

Advertisements. If you are comfortable with Google AdWords, try this option. It is not that widely used as far people use it for direct sales and business. 

Promote Your Snapchat Profile on Other Social Media Platforms

You can also use the power of other social media for your Snapchat account promotion, especially if you have a warm and loyal audience there. 

People will likely follow you on any other platform in case they trust you and know your product or business well enough. There are a lot of options to do it, but one of the most efficient ones is considered to be Stories on Instagram. They allow to place native ads, have a lot of views and are more trustworthy in general in comparison with the other social media. 

Collaborate with Other Relevant Snapchat Accounts

Collaboration is one of the most efficient ways to grab your target audience warm and motivate them to subscribe, follow or do any action you need to be done. 

People do not trust ads, they trust another people. So, collaboration with bloggers and account owners is exactly what your target audience wants and expects. According to the statistics, people react better when they first hear about a new brand from some well-known blogger but not a celebrity. 

But there’s a moment to be considered – the accounts for collaboration should be relevant and more or less of the same size. 

Use Ads (Like Facebook Ads)

Facebook Ads

Also you can use different platforms to place your Ads there. One of the best ones and most efficient is Facebook Ads. You can make an advertisement and a link to your Snapchat account. 

But the rules here are the same –  before launching the campaign process the analytics so the budget to be used as efficient as possible and your core audience will see the ads 100%

Use Geofilters

Geofilters are another if not hidden, but underestimated feature. Everyone knows about it, but do not pay enough attention to it. At the same time the algorithm processes a separate search using the geodata. If a tool can help you to get more audience easily to convert to clients and followers, why not to use it?

Try to Make Perfect Stories

Try to Make Perfect Stories

As you know, it is not enough just to create stories, they should be catchy, drag attention and improve your sales. In spite of the fact that Snapchat is not even close to Instagram, the main features of a good Stories are pretty much the same. 

They should be real ones, they should show you as a person and be personal, as much as possible. They should not be boring or too academic, people come here not for that, after all. 

In other words, try to be yourself in the Stories you post. It is a thing of value in today’s world marketing. 

Make Contests

One of the coolest features of Stories is a possibility to engage people by your example. The time passes, but humanity does not change much and still likes challenges. So if you want to get a lot of traffic in a short bit of time, we would advise to announce some crazy challenge and motivate people to participate and share.

One of the best known challenges is a so-called “Cold Bucket Challenge”, which was supported by a lot of celebrities all around the world. Do great things, go viral. Profit!

Host a Snapchat Takeover

Takeovers is a feature, allowing to diversify the audience, so you are working not just with the number of the followers, but reach more and more sub-layers of your potential target audience. It means that more fresh eyes are attracted. 

As far Snapchat becomes more and more popular, young audience trends to log in almost daily. Use it and get more followers as easy as ABC.

Try Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads

At last, but not least, is Snapchat Ads. As any Ads platform this one is promoted by the app itself and is one of the most efficient ways to attract followers to your account. 

The reason is simple – the app supports it and makes the service more effective with inner algorithms. 

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