Top 10 YouTube Vloggers

They are rich, famous, and successful. They are admired by millions of people. Let’s figure out how they got rich, and how much they earn.

10 – Lilly Singh

The finest Canadian YouTube star Lilly Singh was brought up in a family of immigrants from India. After studying at the University of York, she received a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2010. According to the girl, after that she suffered from depression and decided to start creating videos in order to dispel the melancholy.

In October 2010, Lilly Singh opened her YouTube channel and started posting parody videos about everyday life and stereotypical behavior. Her most popular video is dedicated to how girls gather before leaving the house. And in the most popular series, she parodies her fictional parents, Paramjit and Manjit, portraying their reactions to trends and controversial videos.

9 – Ryan Toys Review

  • A six-year-old boy and his mother doing toy reviews
  • Earnings for the year: $11 million
  • Main channel: Ryan ToysReview, 10 million subscribers

The boy Ryan is engaged in a favorite activity of every child-unpacking toys. And his mother takes it on camera, always staying behind the scenes. At the time of the YouTube channel’s launch in 2015, Ryan was four years old. One of the videos posted there, in which Ryan wakes up, receives a giant toy egg as a gift, and enthusiastically extracts many other toys from it, created a sensation and made Ryan the youngest YouTube star in history. To date, the egg video has received almost a billion views, and users have viewed Ryan’s channel over 16 billion times. To get such result is possible, using special service, for example

8 – The Duo “Smosh”

Two 30-year-old American comedians Anthony Padilla and Ian Hickox creating parody videos

  • Earnings for the year: $11 million
  • Main channel: Smosh, 22.8 million subscribers

Anthony Padilla and Ian Hickox met and formed their Comedy Duo when they were in the sixth grade. Two teenagers were having fun, inventing funny parodies and singing popular soundtracks. Since September 2005, they have started posting recordings of their performances on YouTube.
Inspired by this success, the Duo diversified their repertoire with parodies of cult computer games, movies, and children’s programs, and in a matter of months, young Amateur bloggers became a famous.

7 – Jake Paul

20-year-old American actor who creates music videos and videos about his lifestyle

  • Earnings for the year: $11.5 million
  • Main channel: Jake Paul, 12.3 million subscribers

Jake Paul was born and raised in Ohio in an ordinary American family. His father worked as a realtor and his mother was a nurse. As a child, Jake dreamed of a career in the military, but followed in the footsteps of Logan’s older brother Paul (#5), who became an Internet star.

Jake posted his first videos in September 2013 on the now-defunct Vine service, and later moved to YouTube. Jake Paul’s channel is an analog of a reality show in which he has fun with friends in his mansion, arranges pranks, accosts passers – by, and raps. Paul regularly deceives his viewers with staged videos in which he allegedly marries his girlfriend, resists police arrest, or gives his brother a luxury car. Every time after such pranks, Jake Paul reminds his viewers that Internet users need to remain vigilant and “do not be led to fakes”.

6 – Pewdiepie

  • 28-year-old Swede Felix Chelberg, who reviews video games in the genre of “horror” and “action”
  • Earnings for the year: $12 million
  • Main channel: PewDiePie, 58.3 million subscribers

Felix Chelberg was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. His mother, who ran KappAhl, was named Sweden’s best Executive in 2010. My father also ran the company. At the insistence of his parents, Felix went to University to study management and Economics, but greatly disappointed his relatives by leaving his unloved studies for games.

5 – Logan Paul

  • 22-year-old American showman who creates daily cheerful videos about his pastime
  • Earnings for the year: $12.5 million
  • Main channel: Logan Paul Vlogs, 14.3 million subscribers

Logan Paul was born and raised in Ohio. Logan started creating his first YouTube channel called Zoosh at the age of 10 and has since become quite adept at this business. After high school, Logan enrolled at Ohio University, but dropped out for a career as a video blogger. Soon after, Logan moved to an apartment complex in Los Angeles, where he lives with other “youtubers” and broadcasts his life online on YouTube and many other social networks.

4 – The Markiplier (Markiplier)

  • 28-year-old American mark Fischbach, who creates a series of video games in the genre of “indie” and “horror”
  • Earnings for the year: $12.5 million
  • Main channel: Markiplier, 18.9 million subscribers

Mark created his YouTube channel at the age of 23, in March 2012. 3.5 years later, in October 2015, it has already reached the mark of 10 million subscribers and entered the number of dollar millionaires. The crowning feature of Mark Fischbach’s videos was an extremely emotional delivery. Commenting on the process, the passage of video games, the enthusiastic screams, squeals, shouting curses, curses and even cries.

3 – “Great dudes” (Dude Perfect)

  • Five young boys from Texas and their team mascot-a man in a Panda costume, who record extreme sports tricks, oddities and broadcast their participation in various competitions
  • Earnings for the year: $14 million
  • Main channel: Dude Perfect, 24.6 million subscribers

Five inseparable friends-twins Coby and Corey Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney – were on the same basketball team during their high school years, and after entering the University of Texas, they lived in the same student room. Once having fun on the basketball court, friends recorded on video how they throw a ball into the ring in various ways, throwing it blindly, from a huge distance, from the roof of a house, from a moving car… The video with the incredibly successful hits of the ball for a week gained 100,000 views, showing “great dudes” the way to gain millions of dollars.

2 – Evan Fong

  • A 25-year-old Canadian citizen who records funny videos about ultra-popular computer games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty
  • Earnings for the year: $15.5 million
  • Main channel: VanossGaming, 21.8 million subscribers

Evan Fong, the son of a Korean woman and a Chinese man, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. In his early years, Evan, if you believe his words, was not fond of computer games – his favorite activities were ice hockey and playing the guitar. Everything changed dramatically after high school, when Fong joined the Economics Department in College, but saw himself in a completely different field – in commenting on video games. In his second year, he dropped out of school to fully work on his YouTube channel.

He was able to become the most prominent figure among video game commentators by standing on the shoulders of giants (other popular video bloggers) and realizing his talent (excellent sense of humor). By editing or compiling the statements of various commentators about the same game moment and seasoning it all with his own witty remarks, Evan Fong received original funny videos that quickly raised him to the top of fame.

1 – Daniel Middleton

  • 26-year-old professional gamer from Britain, who creates daily letsplays for children on the game “Minecraft”
  • Earnings for the year: $16.5 million
  • Main channel: DanTDM, 16.9 million subscribers

Daniel Middleton grew up in an ordinary middle-class British family in the small town of Aldershot. Seven years ago, as a 19-year-old University student and moonlighting as a shelf Manager at a Tesco supermarket, the Briton created his first YouTube channel dedicated to Pokémon under the nickname PokemanDanLv45.