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We are looking for answers!  The White House petition process allows citizens and groups to ask the country for signatures on issues that are important to them.  The CMRC group has started a petition to show The President that Johnson Valley and its recreation activities matter to the people in the USA.

To join this fight, please sign this petition.  Make your voice heard.

You matter!  This is your land!

We need 25,000 signatures before the White House must reply to our petition.


UPDATE!! We reached our goal of 25K signatures in less than 2 weeks.

If you haven’t signed the petition, please do, the more signatures,

the louder our voice in Washington!

**For information on why we need your signature on this petition

and what this fight is really all about, check out the video**


For additional information about the issues and some of the work we have accomplished so far, please use the links below.

Click the links below for the most up to date information on our effort to keep the public OHV land in Johnson Valley open to public use.  The fight is complicated but the mission is clear.  As always, if you have any questions please ask!  Our Facebook page is currently the best place for questions and dialog about the issues, media, status and dialog.  We encourage all users of this beautiful area to get involved and stay engaged.

2012 California Motorized Recreation Council Johnson Valley Report

New leader, new mission at Twentynine Palms

Congress Gives Johnson Valley Off Highway Vehicle Recreation Area Users a Happy Holiday

Off Roaders Meet with USMC Concerning 29 Palms Base Expansion



The following links will help you research government issues, follow this one once it becomes a bill, and contact your legislator:

GovTrack: has information on all bills going back to 1993 and follows the status of current pending legislation as it goes through the law-making processes. Search bills and browse by subject area. is a nonpartisan news and information Web site devoted to encouraging civic participation. Their mission is to provide information about public policy issues of the day and tips on effective advocacy so that citizens can make their voices heard. The heart of is an award-winning software program that makes it easy for citizens to write their elected officials. Their software assures that your letter will be delivered directly to the decision-makers whose opinions you hope to influence.

Other links:

House of Representatives Type in your zip code and follow the instructions!

United States Senate Choose your state from the drop down box and click GO. Follow the prompts.

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