OHV Call to Action! Your Immediate Action is required to Save Johnson Valley

The Senate Arms Service Committee now looks prepared to move their bill S1309 to the floor beginning Thursday with Senator McCain managing (Senator Inhofe is out for his son’s funeral).

It is time again for the OHV Community to engage in the discussion.

Please consider taking some time to participate and extend our reach to your friends, family, and networks that find the value in saving the largest OHV area in the United States, while meeting the training requirements of the USMC. Your participation is paramount to our continued success.

While the Marine Corps let the Cook/Mckeon Compromise go unchallenged in the House of Representatives, we believe they will introduce their Alternative 6 language through Energy and Resources Committee on the Senate side via S 1309.  We must contact these individual members of the Senate to ask them to oppose such language.

Save The Hammer