Save Johnson Valley Update

Thank you to everyone who reacted quickly and reached out to the Senators on behalf of Johnson Valley last week. Your voices are needed to get our elected officials to understand how important this is. While the Marines original request was added to S.1309 AKA the Military Land Withdrawals Act on Thursday, your voices are being heard! Much is happening in Washington to try to find a compromise. At this time, S.1309 has NOT been added to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). If that should happen, the House version of the NDAA contains wording to protect Johnson Valley, and it will contradict the Senate’s version which will contain the Marines request for Johnson Valley. If these two bills contain language that conflicts with each other both houses of the Congress must convene a Conference Committee to resolve the conflict. There will be more calls necessary before this is over. As soon as the members of the Conference Committee are appointed, we will send another “call to action” with a specific message to the conferees so we can continue to keep the pressure on to secure a compromise that benefits continued OHV use in Johnson Valley. Thank you for continuing to act quickly when it is needed. It will take all of us to Save Johnson Valley.

Save The Hammer